ParkCare Visitor Assist - Snake Awareness

Snake Awareness

You are invited to participate in an interactive and research driven presentation about snakes found in the Canberra region. This training will be provided by two of Australia's leading herpetologists; Geoff Coombe Living With Wildlife, Rudy Della-Flora Adelaide Snake Catchers and supported by two local snake catchers Gavin Smith ACT Snake Removals and Alex Borg Canberra Snake Catcher.

These sessions will raise awareness about our local venomous snake species and the ecological contribution these cryptic and much feared creatures make.


Learn about snake physiology, toxins, habitats, behaviours and first aid techniques. Topics of discussion will include how to minimise snakes taking up residence on your property and learning how to live in harmony with our native scaly friends. You will even have the opportunity to observe the behaviour of local venomous snakes up close in safe environment!


These sessions are designed to help people become more appreciative of our local reptile population and to educate the public of how best to manage the potential of a snake encounter in our region.


There are 4 sessions available at the National Botanical Gardens and places will fill up fast so secure your preferred date and time now. You can do this by signing up on the hub and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email Kaz: