Retail Van Helper

Retail Van Helper

At St Christopher’s we put people at the heart of everything we do. We believe that all dying people and those close to them deserve to have the best care and support, wherever and whenever they need it. We do all we can to make this happen, providing physical, emotional and spiritual support to over 7,500 people across south east London every year. People like you, your mum, your dad, your nan, your sister, your friend, your neighbour.

Why we need your help

  • To enable us to raise money to support our vision in which all dying people and those close to them have access to care and support, whenever and wherever they need it.
  • Our shops raise approx. £1 million each year.
  • We have recently opened 2 furniture shops and need help collecting donations from people’s homes

What time should you offer?

We are happy to discuss what time you have available but would love you to be available to go out with the van once a week

Where will you be based?

We have various locations and will be happy to clarify this with you

What activities will you be involved in as part of this volunteer role?

  • Travelling to people’s homes to collect furniture donations
  • Moving stock from shop to shop
  • Helping with health and safety issues by moving stock from shops
  • Delivering furniture that has been bought and paid for in shops
  • Making trips to the local tip to dispose of rubbish and recycling

What you can gain from volunteering in this role

  • Helping St Christopher’s improve the collection service for donations
  • An exciting opportunity to help open new shops and get them started
  • Use and develop your skills, enhancing your CV
  • Know you are helping people in your local community have access to care and support, whenever and wherever they need it.


Training and support provided

  • Welcome session and ongoing support provided by shop manager
  • A health and safety briefing will be provided on your first day.
  • You will need to read and complete a learning workbook which needs to be refreshed each year to continue volunteering in this role.
  • Specific training for the role will also be provided



What we are looking for

  • Someone with energy and enthusiasm and able to work on your own initiative
  • Ability to help with moving heavy objects such as furniture
  • Someone who is a good time keeper. If a volunteer helper is late this holds up the whole plan for the day
  • Good listener and clear communicator
  • Ability to deal with members of the public with respect and courtesy
  • Ability to follow our policies and procedures to keep you, our staff, and our customers safe
  • Ability to represent St Christopher’s and our values positivity.

Anything else you need to know


There is a short settling in period to see if the role is right for you

You must be 18 years old or over to do this role

This role will require the following pre-volunteering checks: one reference

Having a criminal conviction will not necessarily prevent you from volunteering

with us. We assess each situation on an individual basis

At St Christopher’s we believe that no volunteer should be out of pocket

because of their volunteering. The reimbursement of reasonable out of pocket

expenses incurred whilst volunteering will help ensure volunteering is

accessible to all. All expenses to be reclaimed should be agreed with the

manager/supervisor or the Volunteer Engagement Coordinator in advance.


Equality and diversity

St Christopher’s recognises the qualities and strengths that a diverse group of

volunteers brings to the organisation and we therefore particularly welcome

applications from our underrepresented groups from within the local communities

and from a range of different cultures and backgrounds.



How to apply

Please submit an on-line application and we will put you in touch with the appropriate manager for a short interview