Centre Ambassadors

Centre Ambassadors

At St Christopher’s we put people at the heart of everything we do. We believe that all dying people and those close to them deserve to have the best care and support, wherever and whenever they need it. We do all we can to make this happen, providing physical, emotional and spiritual support to over 7,500 people across south east London every year. People like you, your mum, your dad, your nan, your sister, your friend, your neighbour.


Why we need your help

St Christopher’s CARE, our brand-new education centre will be opening its doors in 2020 and will provide; teaching space, a skills lab for practical training, an information service including library and bookshop, as well as dedicated facilities to conduct e-learning and webinars.


We would like a team of volunteers to be Centre Ambassadors and provide a warm welcome to visitors, delegates and the public as well as assist with providing relevant information and resources about St Christopher’s and end of life care.


What time should you offer?

Ideally you will offer to help for one shift a week (Monday-Friday). Each shift is around 4 hours for the mornings and afternoons.


Where will you be based?

St Christopher’s CARE, St Christopher’s, 51-59 Lawrie Park Road, Sydenham, SE26 6DZ


What activities might you be involved in as part of this volunteer role?

  • Welcoming delegates to training courses and helping them find their way to their teaching rooms as well as other facilities such as refreshments and toilets
  • Welcoming the public and visitors and assisting them in finding relevant information, perhaps from our library, bookshop or leaflets and literature, could be via the internet as well
  • Welcoming delegates including the public to virtual teaching sessions usually delivered on ZOOM
  • Speaking to people and helping maintain organised written information.
  • Use the till to help people buy items from the bookshop
  • Where enquiries are more complex, referring visitors to staff.
  • Working alongside the Library volunteers as and when needed
  • Admin as and when required such as photocopier and re-stocking leaflets
  • Ensuring our beautiful new building is presentable and ready to welcome visitors.


What you can gain from volunteering in this role

  • Join an enthusiastic team, meet new people and get more involved in your local community
  • Be part of a pioneering education centre helping people locally, nationally and internationally
  • The opportunity to develop knowledge of health and welfare issues relating to people at the end of their life
  • The chance to develop communication, administrative and customer service skills
  • Know you are helping dying people in your local community have access to care and support, whenever and wherever they need it.


Training and support provided

  • A half day induction for all new staff and volunteers
  • Access to appropriate training events or discounts on others
  • Role specific training course
  • Volunteer Handbook
  • Day to day support from Dion Bachmann, Education Business Manager
  • Weekly e-newsletter with updates and invites from the Volunteering Team


What we are looking for

  • A warm friendly manner, and reliable
  • Confident and willing to talk to new people
  • Be able to listen and respond sensitively to people in a kind and compassionate manner
  • Basic literacy and IT skills including internet searches
  • Ability to follow our policies and procedures to keep you, our staff, our patients and our customers safe
  • Ability to represent St Christopher’s and our values positively.


Anything else you need to know

There is a short settling in period to see if the role is right for you

You must be 18 years old or over to do this role

This role will require the following pre-volunteering checks:

-informal interview

-two references

-DBS check


Having a criminal conviction will not necessarily prevent you from volunteering

with us. We assess each situation on an individual basis


At St Christopher’s we believe that no volunteer should be out of pocket

because of their volunteering. The reimbursement of reasonable out of pocket

expenses incurred whilst volunteering will help ensure volunteering is

accessible to all. All expenses to be reclaimed should be agreed with the

manager/supervisor or the Volunteer Engagement Coordinator in advance.


Equality and diversity

St Christopher’s recognises the qualities and strengths that a diverse group of

volunteers bring to the organisation and we therefore particularly welcome

applications from our underrepresented groups from within the local communities

and from a range of different cultures and backgrounds.