Crisis Line Volunteers

NEW Fall 2022

The Emergency Sexual Assault Crisis Line is MOSAIC’s pilot project to develop a toll-free phone line to support newcomer survivors of sexualized violence. ESA believes that survivors are experts in their own healing, that are different ways of knowing and therefore different forms of recovery and safety for everyone. We honour and centre the diverse perspectives of our clients.


Who we serve:

  • Focus on self-identifying women and girls, including those who are trans and non-binary.
  • Newcomer, non-status, immigrant and refugee survivors of sexualized violence in BC.
  • Survivors of violence in intimate relationships, childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual assault.


How we support:

  • We assist survivors in crisis to reclaim their power and make safe choices.
  • We hold space with callers in times of crisis.
  • We offer support in developing coping skills, highlighting our caller’s strengths to assist in creating safety plans with those experiencing violence or the effects of abuse.


Our approach:

  • We are trauma-informed, confidential, survivor-centred and non-judgemental.
  • We center cultural inclusivity, recognizing a diverse caller base and providing services regardless of sexuality, gender expression, race, class, language or immigration status.
  • Our staff evaluates our own beliefs, values and biases- accepting and valuing the differences within our team and within our caller base.


The Volunteer is responsible for providing emotional support, crisis intervention and community resources and/or information to callers of the ESA Crisis Line. The Volunteer answers incoming calls, providing trauma informed, confidential, non-judgemental, and culturally safe support.

This project will provide specialized training and a certificate of participation.