People - Greeting

Help donors feel comfortable and welcomed to the Blood Bank of Delmarva!  Give a smile, welcome and offer snacks/drinks if donor hasn't had something recently.  You are the first person a donor sees as they enter and you give them a great start to their donation process!  



Purpose:  Greet and help direct donors upon their arrival at the Blood Bank of Delmarva center.


  • Upon arrival, check in with staff at the registration table.
  • Locate best place to greet donors to direct them to the registration table.
  • Greet and interact with donors and volunteers in a friendly helpful manner; smile, say hello or good morning.
  • Ask donor if they’d like to hang their coat in the lobby.
  • Direct donor to the registration desk and restroom if requested.
  • Engage donors waiting in the registration area to help calm fears, answer questions, and take their mind off any anxieties.
  • Ask donor whether they have had something to eat or drink prior to coming into the center. If not, direct them to the canteen for fluids and snacks or offer to get them what they’d like.   
  • Gather tablets from donors in the waiting area after they have checked in. 
  • Sanitize tablets, laminated information sheets and pen before returning them to the reception desk.
  • Give suggestions, issues, or comments to Angela Williamson, Community & Volunteer Relations Specialist, 302-737-8405 ext. 819 or
  • Log volunteer hours if more than on the schedule.


  • Positive attitude, friendly and engaging personality.
  • Ability to gage donor’s preference for talking or not talking while waiting.
  • Embrace Blood Bank of Delmarva (BBD) Core Values: Inspiring Heroes, Infusing Hope through STAR IQ:
    • Service - Serve others with compassion and professionalism making a positive impact in the community.
    • Teamwork – Recognize communication is central, work together, support one another, celebrate and show appreciation for others.
    • Accountability – Proactively move when something needs to be done, own mistakes and correct quickly, follow through with commitments.
    • Respect – Treat others as we want to be treated, be compassionate, appreciate individual differences without judgement.
    • Integrity – Be honest, transparent and trustworthy, do right even when no one watches, and lead by example.
    • Quality – Adapt to change based on facts, constantly learn and develop knowledge, uphold highest standards of safety and excellence.

Physical Demands: 

☒Sits         ☒Stands         ☒Required to walk, and reach with the hands and arms    
☒Hands are regularly used to handle, write or type       
☒Weights up to 10­ lbs. are occasionally lifted in this role


  • Meet new people and enjoy camaraderie with donors, volunteers, and staff.
  • Learn or use skills, talents, experiences to further self-development and/or résumé building. 
  • Feel good knowing you are helping BBD save lives by providing donors with a positive experience when arriving at the center.
  • Earn hours towards Presidents Volunteer Service Award, Volunteer DE 50+, RSVP, and/or school credits.

Time Commitment:

Orientation and Training Required:

  1. Complete basic training to become a volunteer.
  2. Complete any training for this role as available in
  3. Observe volunteer role in a center as arranged with Angela Williamson.


  1. Wear your nametag. Contact Angela Williamson if you need one.
  2. Add your hours into the
    • For assigned and scheduled activities, volunteer hours will automatically be added to your profile.  If you volunteer more than your scheduled time, please go to and add only the additional time, not the entire time volunteered. You may also enter your additional time on paper sheets in certain locations if different than scheduled time. 
    • If not assigned to a scheduled date/time, please add your hours on
    • For any questions on hours/time keeping, please contact Angela Williamson at or 302-737-8405 Ext. 819.
  1. If you can’t come on scheduled day, who do you contact?
    • Call and leave a message at the center reception desk: (302) 737-8405.
      • Christiana: ext. 743
      • Concord: ext. 703
      • Dover: ext. 100
      • Salisbury: ext. 513
    • Call Angela Williamson at 302-737-8405 Ext. 819 and email
    • If cancelling 3 days or more prior to scheduled shift, contact Angela Williamson at  AND go to, find the schedule tab, and cancel your shift.
  1. Logistics & Details:
    • Location Address:  Christiana Center, 100 Hygeia Drive, Newark, DE 19713. 
    • Reports to Angela Williamson.
    • Age Minimum: 18
    • Whom to meet and where? Sign up online for shifts. Check in with staff at the registration desk upon arrival.
    • What to wear? Refer to Volunteer Handbook. BBD nametag mandatory. BBD shirt, if you have one.  
    • Is there food/water available for purchase or free? Kitchen facility available, vending machines, hot/cold water available.
    •  Inclement weather – Call 302-737-8405 ext. 411 for updates – but please be safe and don’t report to volunteer if the conditions are not good, even if the centers or mobiles are operating! Your safety is a priority.  If not attending, contact Center Reception Desk and Angela Williamson.

Staff Responsibilities for this Volunteer Role

  • Train volunteer for specific needs of the role (technical, procedure, etc.).
  • Prepare and have training guides available to the volunteer.
  • Have tasks, supplies, and/or work area prepared for them to do their tasks.
  • Give feedback (constructive tips on how to do it properly, praise when done well, etc.).
  • Report any volunteer issues, ideas, or concerns to Angela Williamson at Ext. 819 immediately.
  • Work with Angela Williamson who will support and help in these responsibilities as needed and set up pre-volunteer training in the online volunteer system.


Volunteer Signature below constitutes understanding of the requirements, essential functions and tasks of this Center Greeter Volunteer role and attests to being fully capable to perform these volunteer tasks without restrictions.

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Blood Bank of Delmarva:


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Angela Williamson, Community & Volunteer Relations Specialist


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