* Volunteer Stories * - Ria's Story

I volunteer for Catholic Charities as a Citizenship Tutor for my passion in helping others in an incredibly impactful way. My parents immigrated to America in the early 90’s and have since realized how rewarding it has been for them after they passed their US Citizenship exam recently.


By tutoring individuals over Zoom and FaceTime at Catholic Charities, I couldn’t have felt more rewarded by my impact to the community after one of my students passed her Citizenship Exam. We’ve become close friends, and she continues to strive to learn more English and more of American Culture every day. I sincerely look-up to all the individuals I teach in hopes to further my knowledge as a tutor. 


One of my favorite parts has been teaching one of my learners how to order pizza! Initially, she had been worried for so long how to order food at a restaurant and would never go out herself. After mastering a number of vocabulary, questions, and role playing, she finally ordered pizza herself- with a side of soda and chips of course! 


About Our Program 

Becoming a U.S. citizen is a big dream for many refugees or immigrants. Being an American provides many opportunities that they otherwise would not have.  Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to become a U.S. citizen, such as: 

  • Voting
  • Passing their citizenship onto their children
  • Running for most public offices
  • Traveling a United States passport
  • Applying for a wider range of family members to join them in the United States

Working toward citizenship is an important goal; however, it can be tough! With the help of our volunteers, we can create a safe learning space for refugees and immigrants to prepare for and pass the Citizenship test. Sessions are one-on-one or small groups and held virtually at times that work best for all participants.

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