* Volunteer Stories * - Jessi's Story

"I volunteer as an English for Citizenship Teacher because my father waited to become a United States citizen until he was in his 70s to take the exam and interview in his first language, Spanish.  At that, he was only able to enjoy the benefits of being a US Citizen 2 years before his passing! No one should have to wait 50+ years to achieve citizenship for fear of the English language! 

I teach to elevate, thank and congratulate persons who have the courage to learn English toward gaining US citizenship. A feeling of deep pride envelopes me each milestone my learner and I reach together in her English for Citizenship journey.

~Jessica Sarabia (proud daughter to Olga who came to this country from the Dominican Republic & Carlos who came here from Mexico)

About our Program: 

Volunteers partner with an adult immigrant or refugee that would like to learn and build upon their everyday English speaking, reading and writing. We build fundamental literacy skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) for English speakers facing barriers to attending traditional English classes, such as: transportation, childcare or cultural practices. All of our sessions  are free to our clients, and we couldn’t provide the level of service we do without the help of our wonderful volunteers.

Our sessions are learner-focused. Our learners each have different strengths and areas for growth. Their goals range from: scheduling a doctor’s appointment, passing the citizenship test, asking their child’s teacher questions, going shopping or even reading a bedtime story to their child.

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