Child Welfare - Child Welfare Intern (Pregnancy Support and Adoption)

The Child Welfare intern, in conjunction with Child Welfare Staff, will assist clients by providing support, developing appropriate parenting plans, developing tools for good decision making, and helping to support and coach parents with disabilities. The intern will gain experience in providing support and educational services to pregnant and parenting mothers, fathers and other family members.


Essential Functions

  • Assist in supporting women and men through the process of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Assistance in accessing health care, and community resources to aid in path to successful parenting.
    • Provide educational materials regarding pregnancy, nutrition, reduction in risk factors, labor/delivery, maintaining a safe environment, infant care, growth and development.
    • Assist families in identifying medical needs, including signs of illness and the necessity for preventative health care, including regular check-ups and immunizations.
  • Support staff at In-home visits to parent, first-time parents, and those with children at risk
  • Collaborate with staff in developing individualized family support plans for clients.
  • Assist in coaching parents in learning alternative ways to cope with stress, develop confidence in caring for their children and building self-esteem
  • Maintain accurate/detailed case records in accordance with Agency policies and procedures, as well as other applicable standards.
  • Assist in organizing and coordinating parent support group sessions (educational and supportive).
  • Assists in monitoring the needs of clients as well as interim foster care placements, prior to adoption.
  • Research and assist in developing additional community resources and tools for clients
  • Participate in marketing and networking opportunities with staff and partner agencies under the direction of the Pregnancy Support and Adoption Supervisor.
  • Provide support to staff and clients in crisis resolution, as needed.


  • Junior or Senior standing, pursing a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, or related field.
  • Previous experience working with children, families, and/or adults with disabilities is preferred.
  • Experience in family services or health care, preferably focusing on prenatal and child development.
  • Bi-Lingual in Spanish is a plus, but not required