Donation Sorter ( Owings Mills Warehouse)


Sorters work in the warehouse and are responsible for ensuring that all items that end up for client services are suitable for clients. While their work is mostly “behind the scenes”, they are essential to the services we provide to clients in that they ensure that we have a steady stream of good quality items available.

Answers to: Donations Coordinator

Duties and responsibilities:

• Sort donated items for different client services, moving each item to the correct area of the warehouse.

• Check each item to ensure that it is suitable for clients

• Ensure that items to be given out are clean and in good condition.

• Make decisions about what items should be kept, passed on, or thrown away.

• Store seasonal items in the correct locations until the proper seasons.

• Bring in new donations, enforcing policies on what donations are and are not accepted and

thanking donors appropriately.

• Hang clothes, checking each item for tears or stains and ensuring that zippers, buttons, and pockets are all in good condition.

• Consult with other volunteers or the Coordinator if unsure about the suitability of an item for sale, or

about the prices of exceptional items.

• Clean the work area at the end of the shift.

• Pack kits for emergency services and clinical services

• Fulfil client requests packages by locating and packaging items from the appropriate form

• add items to inventory lists via QR codes or manual entry

• Perform other duties as assigned.


• Able to distinguish items that are in good condition from items that are not.

• Able to move boxes and bags of donations and to do light physical work.

• Reliable in coming for scheduled shifts, or phoning in advance if unavailable or sick.

• Able to work well both independently and as part of a team. Able to accept supervision and direction.

• Willing to work with others who are from diverse backgrounds.