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Volunteering with St. Mary's Hospital is a unique opportunity to support Patient Care.

St. Mary's Hospital volunteers are individuals looking for a rewarding experience to provide meaningful support to patients and their families through a variety of roles.  Volunteers are a vital link in the important work of Covenant Health.

What are the qualities of a Volunteer?

If you are considering volunteering with St. Mary’s Hospital, consider whether or not you have an interest and ability in:

  • Being able to work collaboratively with health care providers to improve care and experiences for patients and their families throughout Alberta
  • Having a strong desire to help others
  • Being a compassionate listener
  • Having an ability to show respect for the perspectives of others
  • Having an ability to work independently or as part of a team
  • Have a willingness to give your time on a weekly basis for a minimum of six months

Spiritual Care Volunteers

If you would like to volunteer with Spiritual Care, please contact our Chaplain at
780-679-6110 or

Want to apply?

If you think that volunteering with St. Mary's Hospital is right for you and you are ready to get started, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Click the [Fill in an Application] button on the right-hand side of this page and complete the application form.

Step 2: Volunteer Services will review your information to see if you are a suitable fit for our organization and the positions available. This will also give you an opportunity to get your questions answered. You will also be asked to supply two (2) references.

Step 3: If it is agreed that volunteering with St. Mary's Hospital is something that you would like to pursue, you will be asked to complete our volunteering on-boarding process including:

  • Completing a Police Information Check
  • Completing a Baseline Health Screening Assessment
  • Providing proof of completion of COVID 19 vaccination
  • Participate in any necessary training
  • Signing a Confidentiality Agreement outlining the expectations of volunteers in the hospital.
  • Participate in our online, site, and program specific orientations
  • Sign a photo/media and email consent forms, if applicable.

Step 4:  Learn how to use our volunteer system, how to sign up for opportunities, and how to enter volunteer hours. This can occur during or after on-boarding is complete.

  • If you have any questions, please contact us by email at

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I become a volunteer?

    Submit a completed online application. Remember, applying to volunteer is just like applying to a job! We select those best suited for the positions available in our program.

    How long are the volunteer service periods?

    Most of our shifts are two to three hours, once per week; however, some positions do require a four hour weekly commitment.

    How long of a commitment do I have to make?

    Our program requires a six consecutive month commitment to our program.

    How long does the process take to become a volunteer?

    The clearance process can take anywhere from two weeks to two months depending on the documentation provided during the interview.

    Can I do more than one volunteer position?

    Yes, depending on your availability and vacancies.

    Do I need a criminal record check?

    Yes, these are required when working with vulnerable persons.

    Will I be able to receive a reference?

    Yes, our department completes verification references for our volunteers when requested; however, we cannot complete detailed references (such as medical school or employment references). Since we do not directly supervise volunteers in most positions, we ask that our volunteers get to know the staff they are working with each week as they are able to see them in action every time they volunteer.

    If my schedules change, is there flexibility to adjust my volunteer placement?

    Yes! However, this is limited to availability and qualifications required in our program.

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Mission Statement

Our Mission

We are called to continue the healing ministry of Jesus by serving with compassion, upholding the sacredness of life in all stages, and caring for the whole person - body, mind, and soul.

Our Values

As a Catholic organization, we are committed to serving people of all faiths, cultures, and circumstances according to our values: compassion, respect, collaboration, social justice, integrity, and stewardship.

Our Vision

Inspired by our mission of service, we will be leaders and partners in transforming health care and creating vibrant communities of health and healing.