Bell Ringing - JC Penney- South County Center- 100 S. County Ctr., St. Louis, MO - Bellringer

There's no better feeling in the world than giving unselfishly to someone in need. Your willingness to volunteer to the shift you selected (or will select) is greatly appreciated by us, and by the entire community who will benefit from your efforts.

Bell Ringing is a perfect opportunity for a company office, families & children, church groups, sports teams, school clubs, service clubs and individuals. You can choose to sign up for a whole day at a site of your choice or sign up for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hour shifts on one or more days. 

If this is the first time you've volunteered with The Salvation Army, or if you simply have a few questions - please email or call us. You'll soon find that we're here to help you make your time with us enjoyable and productive! It is very important that you let us know if you cannot ring at your allotted time.

If you need to cancel or have any questions or concerns, please do so via the volunteer site or call Major Will directly at 314-603-2454.


1.  Please arrive at your scheduled time to your kettle site.


2.  You should find the kettle, bell & apron in a bag at the base of the stand.


3.  Dress warmly.


4.  No smoking allowed at the kettle site.


5.  Ring the bell gently, but be creative.  You may sing carols, play an instrument, even dance.  Greet everyone.  Children and youth make great bellringers too!


6.  At the end of your shift, if no one has come to relieve you, please return the equipment into the bag.  Someone will come by soon to pick up the kettle and equipment.


7.  On your “My Profile” tab, please be sure to click “Subscribe to email reminders” under the “Subscriptions” heading if you wish to receive shift reminders and other pertinent information.


Thank you for helping us help others!  May this be the best Christmas Season you have ever had, and may you enjoy the Christ of Christmas in your life.