Cumming School of Medicine - 2020 MD Admissions Support - Multiple Mini-Interview Assessor

The Cumming School of Medicine Admissions Committee is currently reviewing applications for the MD class beginning July 2020. Approximately 576 applicants will be invited for an interview. Interviews will be held on three days this year; we hope you will consider participating on one of the following dates:


  • Saturday        February 29               (7:30am-4:50pm)
  • Sunday          March 1                      (7:30am-4:50pm)
  • Saturday        March 14                    (7:30am-4:50pm)


Assessors must attend one, two-hour training session in the Health Sciences Centre in February (dates listed below in the link).


In 2006, the Admissions Committee adopted the MMI in keeping with societal and accreditation expectations that admissions processes be fair, accountable, transparent, evidence-based, reliable, valid, and based on the Faculty’s philosophy and objectives.


This year, applicants will complete two circuits (as opposed to the single circuit they have completed in the past).  These two circuits will be somewhat different, and assessors will be assigned to assess within one circuit or the other, but not both.


The first circuit will consist of 8 stations in the typical “MMI” format with which those of you who have interviewed previously will be familiar.  In this format, applicants complete a circuit of 9-minute stations, rotating from station to station. The MMI is very similar to an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) except that it is not ‘clinical’.  MMI stations will assess the non-cognitive characteristics that the Faculty has determined are critical.


The second circuit has been introduced in an attempt to balance what we see as some of the potential limitations of the traditional MMI format, while recognizing the significant advance in interviewing technique that the MMI represents.  In this circuit, the applicants will rotate through two somewhat longer (20 min) and less tightly structured interview stations, as well as a 20-minute teamwork assessment activity.  The longer format interviews will still be focused on a particular attribute and begin with a standardized introduction and questions.  The difference will be that the applicant has more time to express themselves, and the interviewer will be given more latitude to ask their own questions and pursue a particular line of inquiry with the applicant.


General MMI training for all assessors will occur prior to the MMI dates; further format specific (shorter vs. longer) training will occur on the day of the MMI for which you sign up.


The admissions process is time-intensive but critical if we are to assess more than academic achievement.  We trust you will see this as an opportunity to take part in determining the types of individuals who will be the future physicians for our city and province.


The Admissions Office values your commitment to the MMI interview process.  We also value the fairness of the process we have put in place and the reputation of our institution.  We ask your help in preserving and maintaining these values.


As part of our commitment to fairness and transparency, we consider anyone who has a relative, close friend or intimate partner currently applying to our MD program, or who is anticipating applying in the next two application cycles, to be in a conflict of interest position.  If this describes you at this time, our expectation is that you will recuse yourself from any involvement of the admissions process.  Failure to do so is potentially damaging to the reputation of our program, and as such may result in the closure of, or otherwise jeopardize, the application of the candidate in question.  Please err on the side of caution before taking on this role.  If in doubt, the Director of Admissions is available to discuss the specifics of your situation.


We hope you will complete the RSVP as soon as possible as some dates will fill up quickly.  If you know anyone who might be interested in participating, please let Shannon Cayer know so that we may approach them as well.