Homecare – Volunteer in the Community

We offer several unique opportunities to volunteer in the home/community to support clients and families. By sharing your time, you can make a positive difference in the lives of others – and enrich your own.


Home Care Community Visiting for Adults: The primary purpose of Home Care Community Visiting for Adults is to enhance the quality of life of AHS Homecare clients through voluntary companionship.  The volunteer will visit with a client who may be generally isolated and has expressed interest in having a “Friendly Visitor” in their home.  The visitor and client will participate in activities of their choosing together.

Caring Hands - Twin /Triplet Cuddling in the Community: The Caring Hands program is designed to support the families of newborn multiples by providing an extra pair of caring hands to interact with babies in a comforting, helpful, caring manner. Our preferred applicant has extensive experience with infants in a caregiving capacity. Volunteers visit with the family once a week for 3 hours in the family home.

If you are interested in either opportunity, please click the link below to apply to be a Home Care Volunteer!