Recreation Therapy Mentor for the Forensic Adolescent Program

Interested in Recreation Therapy? Through Alberta Health Services (AHS), the Forensic Adolescent Program (FAP) serves youth ages 12-17 who have come into conflict with the law and have a mental health diagnosis. We provide both assessment and treatment services to this population with the purpose of reducing recidivism. More specifically, our recreation therapy program provides opportunities where treatment focuses on the removal of leisure barriers and the development of leisure skills and knowledge.

The Forensic Adolescent Program (FAP) is currently looking for mature, young adults ages 20 – 35 to volunteer as a recreation therapy mentor. Mentors are matched 1:1 with a youth whom they will support within the community in obtaining the overarching goal of reducing recidivism. This is achieved by modeling and demonstrating the necessary skills to access healthy independent leisure opportunities. Recreation therapy uses a client first approach and acknowledges a client’s right to leisure involvement and their unique interests. Click here for more information and online application: