Christmas Assistance

Opportunities in this category are for volunteers who want to help with Christmas activities that include registering families for Christmas assistance, Toy Shop set-up, and distribution of Christmas gifts. Volunteers simply fill out a short application and choose from available shifts that fit into your schedule. Each shift has a limited number of people that can sign up.


Groups are urged and encouraged to sign up. One person can sign up the group. After signing up a group, please email, with the number of people in the group so that we can keep track of the number of people signed up.


Please, we ask that no one under the age of 16 helps as a volunteer in these activities without prior approval.  We ask this due to the sensitivity of the program and protecting the privacy of the families that need assistance. 

Activity Shifts Start End
Personal Toy Shopper 78 12/6/2021 12/16/2021