Christmas Assistance - Personal Toy Shopper

Do you like shopping?  We are looking for personal toy shoppers to help fill bags for families that have registered to receive Christmas assistance for their families this year.  We help over 400 families each year. Due to COVID and restrictions for the CDC  we will be pre-bagging all family gifts this year, families have given us a detailed list and we will shop for the kid's bag and then on the scheduled day the families will come and receive their bag of gifts for their children.  Instructions will be given to our personal shoppers, with what families are allowed per child and per family.  The Toy shop is set up as a store, tables will be labeled and all like items on the table for easier shopping.  Your help is needed to bring the smiles on Christmas morning.

A warm and friendly smile, bringing Christmas cheer to those who come to shop!

Qualifications Required

  • Age Category Must be at least 16 or older