Christmas Assistance - Toy Shop Elf

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be an Elf helping Santa check quality and what toys he has available to give each good little boy and girl?  Well, this position is for you.  Help us transform a gymnasium into a giant toy shop for parents to come and shop through to find that perfect gift for their child.

Assist with setting tables, sorting toys, inventorying what we have, and making it a meaningful and easy shopping experience for the parents to help their children on Christmas.   

It really does take an army of Elves to make the magic happen for kids, so come be a part of that magic, one hour of our endless hours we can use everyone and maybe even have cookie breaks. :) 

Please no one under the age of 16 unless approved by the coordinator. 

Groups are welcome.

Qualifications Required

  • Age Category Must be at least 16 or older