Academic Support Volunteer



As an Academic support volunteer, you will work with students on their school work as directed by an AAPS staff member.

Proficiency in an academic subject is required for this role. 


  • Interest and/or experience volunteering with children.

  • Proficiency in an academic subject applicable to the opportunity, including but not limited to English, math, science, social studies, and writing. 

  • Able to commit to volunteering at least 1 day a week for at least 3 months during the AAPS school day (9 am - 4 pm).

  • Prior experience teaching, tutoring, or providing academic support to K-12 students.

Ideal for volunteers who…

  • Want to help students achieve academic goals.

  • Want to gain experience in the education field or apply existing experience.

  • Have a firm grasp of the selected activities' subject matter (grade level and subject).

  • Are comfortable guiding students through assignments.

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