Reading Buddy


Reading Buddies help to encourage a love of reading and promote library services and collections. This program promotes the importance of literacy and helps fill a gap in literacy services for children. This opportunity offers volunteers a challenging volunteer experience and an opportunity to serve their community.



Your primary role is to provide a positive reading experience for the student. Developing literacy skills requires patience from you, the volunteer, and your buddy. This is a time to share books and stories together. Ensure that the child is doing a variety of different activities and keep the sessions light and fun.  Children will learn best if the material is relevant to them and suits their needs.  Be enthusiastic and creative and encourage the child to be creative as well.  

Check in at the Volunteer Office (Downtown) or Cupboard (Painswick15 minutes before the start of the program, get your nametag and go to the Children’s Department. Check in at the Service Desk and get the Reading Buddies bin. The Service Desk staff are available to help you with book selections and any other questions you may have while you are volunteering with the Reading Buddies program. All Buddies will have a folder; please fill out the Reading Buddies Record each week indicating the book titles you read together – a great way to champion their reading success.  

TIME REQUIRED: 1.5 hours per week; Volunteers will be required Tuesdays (Painswick) or Thursdays (Downtown) from 6:15-7:45pm; program runs Jan-Feb.

LOCATION: Volunteers will be assigned to either the Downtown or Painswick Branch.

SUPERVISOR: Public Services Facilitator

QUALIFICATIONS: Must be 14 years of age and up. Volunteers must have good literacy skills, a desire to work with elementary school students ages 7+ and the ability to be a positive role model for the participants. Effective communication skills required, both oral and written, as well as an ability to communicate with both adults and young people. Reliability is essential.

SCREENING MEASURES: Once an application form is completed, two reference forms must be received by the library. An interview will be conducted. For those 18+ a Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check is required. Job performance is conducted on an ongoing basis.

ORIENTATION: An orientation session and package of information provided.