HMAS Ovens Submarine Guide - WA Maritime Museum

Submarine Guides are a specific group of Front of House volunteers who present tours of the Museum's Oberon class Submarine, HMAS Ovens, to visitors of the WA Maritime Museum, Fremantle. Submarine Guides facilitate hour-long tours of the HMAS Ovens and as such are required to complete training to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the Submarine before commencing. 



  • welcomes visitors and assists with general enquiries, including way-finding Museum facilities
  • delivers engaging content and tours generally informing visitors about the workings of submarines
  • tours are delivered on board the ‘HMAS Ovens Submarine’
  • informs visitors of all the safety aspects of inside, outside and around the submarine
  • instructs visitors of all the safety aspects of the slip way and exhibition engines
  • assists and adheres to emergency procedures and instructions, as required
  • plays a part in mentoring programs for new volunteers
  • participates in organisation, site and role specific training, as required

Please note: The HMAS Ovens is currently closed for refurbishment, due to re-open in approximately July 2023. We have several volunteering options available for Submarine Guides while the Submarine is closed.