Childcare Assistant


The Child Care Assistant provides extra eyes and ears in IRCOM’s childcare program to ensure the safety of all the children. As you play and interact with the children you become another safe person for them.


Position Summary

Child Care Assistants work in IRCOM’s Child Care Program (CCP) with children from 6 months to 6 years. Most shifts take place during daytime hours (9-11:30 or 1-3:30) at the same time as our English classes; however there may be occasional evening and weekend opportunities as other programs happen.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Interact and play with the children in a safe and positive manner
  • Follow CCP guidelines for positive discipline
  • Interact with parents in a friendly and supportive manner
  • Assist with interpretation where applicable
  • Occasionally assist the children with planned activities
  • Maintain daily communication with IRCOM staff
  • Ask IRCOM staff for assistance as needed and appropriate
  • Assist with set up and clean up, including serving snack


Time Requirements

This position requires volunteers to come once a week for two and a half hours. The minimum time commitment is three months.


Skills and Qualifications

  • Must be good at teamwork
  • Must be patient and kind
  • Willingness to learn and receive constructive feedback
  • Must complete required trainings provided by IRCOM (see below)
  • First Aid Level C training is an asset, but not required
  • Must complete a satisfactory criminal record check and child abuse registry check


Orientation and Training

All Child Care Assistants must read CCP’s orientation manual, including the child abuse policy and behavioural management policy. A form stating these policies have been read must be signed.

All Child Care Assistants are encouraged to participate in other trainings offered to IRCOM volunteers throughout the year.

Volunteers can request IRCOM's support to attend other training that is relevant to their position at IRCOM.



Child Care Assistants are under the direct supervision of CCP staff, but can also expect to interact regularly with, and be held accountable by, Volunteer and Community Services Program (VCSP) staff. VCSP staff should be considered a supportive resource for volunteers.


Supporting Policies

Please refer to IRCOM’s Volunteer Handbook, which will be provided to you at your interview.


Working Conditions

Standing, walking and lifting are required, indoors, may be loud, may be messy when playing with children so pleased wear proper clothing



  • A chance to play with adorable young children
  • The chance to help teach children important skills like language and social skills
  • Lots of on-the-job training relevant to working in a childcare setting
  • Access to all trainings offered to IRCOM volunteers
  • The chance to develop your own communication and leadership skills
  • Participate in volunteer recognition events held throughout the year
  • Reference letter provided after 3 months of consistent volunteer service
  • Access to all of IRCOM’s internal job postings