Fundraising - Bell Ringer - Bell Ringing - Tractor Supply Company Muskegon

If you have a couple hours free and are willing to stand out in the cold to help your community - then we have a volunteer opportunity for you!  In just a single two hour shift you could be raising enough to feed an entire family for a few days. Or help defray the cost of a stay at an overnight summer camp for a local youngster. Or any of the other needs being met by The Salvation Army every day because someone like you cared enough to give a couple hours.

All you need to do is sign up here, then on your scheduled day and time go to the location you chose dressed in warm layers and ready to spread some cheer. 

Sing or play an instrument? Bring it! Carol, greet and thank patrons and and have fun sharing the Christmas spirit.  Better yet - form a duet, trio, or small ensemble and really wow the crowd! Due to limited space, if you have a group larger than 4-5, please consider splitting a location with an entrance and a exit.   Feel free to bring a cup of cocoa or hot coffee to help keep you warm. Children under 14 are welcome to volunteer but they must have a responsible adult to sign up and stay with them during their shift.

A bell and apron will be provided at the site, identifying you as a volunteer. That's basically it - put on the apron, ring the bell, greet and thank people with a genuine smile and enjoy a couple hours doing something good!  

Any further questions please email the volunteer coordinator, Lt.Chris Karlin at or call the office (773-3284) during business hours.

Thank you for helping us continue "Doing the Most Good" in Muskegon County!