Hospice Simcoe

Thank you for considering becoming a Hospice Simcoe Volunteer.  Our Volunteers bring warmth, compassion and support to Hospice and the families that we serve.  Volunteers are an integral part of the Hospice team and a fully integrated component of the agencies human resources.  It takes a special kind of person to volunteer with a hospice and therefore all potential volunteers are carefully screened and are required to complete a comprehensive training program that is aligned with Hospice Palliative Care Ontario.

Things to consider before applying:

  • Have you experienced a close loss within the last year? 
  • Must commit to more than one year of continuous service and to 30+ hours of training (both in person and online)
  • Understand that some volunteering roles are dependent on referrals and scheduling needs and resources. 

If you have any questions, please contact Tonya Claughton, Volunteer Coordinator (tonya@hospicesimcoe.ca) or Kathy Stewart, Volunteer Manager (kathy@hospicesimcoe.ca)

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Our Principles

Excellence - We are professionals and experts at palliative care and

bereavement support.

Compassion - We are empathetic and understanding.

Respect - We respect and honour the life of everyone.

Collaboration - We work together to provide compassionate care and


Integrity - We are honest, fair and reliable.