Wildlife Survey Volunteer

There are a number of regular and one off wildlife surveys volunteers help with on Exmoor, including otters, dormice, waxcap fungi, and some invasive species surveying.

Some surveys require a long term commitment to ensure continuity of data others can be undertaken over a few days, or even just an afternoon.

What Next-

If you are interested in undertaking this role please sign up for the activities below. and a member of staff will be in contact to talk through the role in more detail.  Once fully signed up you'll be able to pick which events / surveys you are able to help with.

If you would like to have an informal chat first please contact as below.

Further info/contact- Name: Patrick Watts-Mabbott  Position: Volunteer and Outreach Officer    Tel: 07973727469      email: pwatts-mabbott@exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk       



Activity Shifts Start End
Culbone’s special trees volunteer surveyor 1
Phenology Survey ongoing 1
Waxcap Fungi Survey 1 8/1/2018 2/28/2019