3. Practical Tasks - Habitat Management Day at Haddon Hill Tuesday 1st Feb 2022

We're joining forces with volunteers from Butterfly Conservation and South West Lakes Trust on Tuesday 1st Feb 2022 at Haddon Hill for a day of habitat management.  

For a number of years we've been helping improve conditions on this site for the Heath Fritillary, one of the UK's rarest butterflies. Known as the Woodland Follower, it favours newly coppiced ground and plants such as Common Cow-wheat, Ribwort Plantain, Germander Speedwell and Foxglove are it's favourite food sources.  So we'll be concentrating our efforts on thinning silver birch saplings and creating some open glades amongst the trees where these can thrive.

We'll supply the tools but please bring a pair of thick gloves, a packed lunch and wear waterproofs and sturdy boots. There's a short stroll to the site which is on sloping ground.

We'll aim to finish for the day at 3:30pm.