7. ENNIS - Tarr Steps - Wildlife and Balsam walks

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Come and learn about our native wildlife and help to conserve it by helping to control some invasive species.

Join National Park staff for a walk along the banks of the river Barle.  Starting at Tarr Steps carpark.

We'll have two aims, firstly a search and destroy mission for the invasive Himalayan Balsam.  (it spreads at a rate of 800 seeds per plant and shades out native flowers, but it  pulls up easily, and we leave it close to where we pull.  we just need lots of eyes to get every last one).

Secondly we want to record as much wildlife as we find as we can.  To record the wildlife we'll be using the iNaturalist App.  So if you have a smartphone download the app before you come if you can.  (it's not the end of the world if you can't).

During the day we'll try to get as far up the river as we can.  So expect to be walking 5 to 10km in the day.  Although there are options for people break off our linear there and back route earlier if they need to.

Bring lunch, something to drink, sturdy footwear; wellingtons or walking boots are best.  long trousers and sleeves are advisable.    dress for the weather i.e. waterproofs and sun hat...  if you have one a walking stick can be useful to get through long vegetation looking for the balsam.


Cant make it to the dates?  - you can still help.   If you're unable to attend in person you can still help.  particularly if you are any good at wildlife i.d.  Just sign up to iNaturalist and check this link after an event and helping to identify our finds.

under 18's must come with a parent or guardian

contact - any questions please contact pwatts-mabbott@exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk

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This activity generally occurs on

  • Friday - Morning, Afternoon