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General Interests

Health & Wellness Activity Leader

Engage clients in enhancing their health and well-being through activities such as yoga, low impact fitness, health educational workshops, chair massage, mindfulness, pet therapy, and art therapy. Help create a welcoming atmosphere, plan activities, lead sessions, and manage supplies. We welcome any suggestions for new health and wellness opportunities! 

Social & Recreational Activity Leader

Join us in building community and fostering connections at our housing and shelter sites through fun and engaging social activities. As a volunteer, you'll organize and lead a variety of activities, ensuring inclusive spaces where everyone feels welcome. Activities may include creative pursuits like knitting and art clubs, as well as lively book clubs, bingo, board games, trivia nights, relaxing baking socials, seasonal events, and live music sessions. We welcome any suggestions for new social and recreational opportunities! 

Assembling Safe Injection Kits

At Rock Bay Landing, we promote harm reduction through our overdose prevention unit, where individuals can safely use substances under supervision to prevent overdoses. Our volunteers work in groups of 2-5 to prepare safe injection kits. These kits play a crucial role in preventing the transmission of HIV and Hepatitis C, making a direct impact on the health and safety of our clients.


Hygiene & Clothing

As a hygiene and clothing room volunteer, you'll play a crucial role in ensuring our clients' well-being and dignity. Your responsibilities will involve assisting clients with signing in for the shower waitlist, distributing essential shower supplies like towels, soap, and shampoo, and organizing donated clothing and shoes for distribution.

By providing access to hot showers and clean clothes, you'll offer more than just practical assistance – you'll provide a sense of dignity, comfort, and belonging to those who need it most. Your efforts will contribute to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all.

In this role, you'll have the opportunity to work semi-independently, with ongoing support from our dedicated staff whenever needed. 

Strong communication skills and a willingness to engage with clients in casual conversation to foster a calm and welcoming atmosphere are essential qualities we look for in hygiene and clothing volunteers.

Computer Room

The computer room volunteer is essential in helping clients access computers and enhancing computer literacy. They ensure the space is accessible and inviting, assisting clients with navigating computer programs and offering crucial support in skills such as internet browsing, resume writing, job applications, setting up email and social media accounts for connecting with loved ones, and housing searches. This volunteer plays a key role in helping clients develop vital digital skills while fostering a supportive environment for learning and development.

Volunteer Hairdresser or Barber

We are looking for skilled volunteers to provide haircutting and styling services. Beyond just a haircut, you will provide a sense of dignity, comfort, and a boost in confidence and self-esteem to those who need it most. 

If you have experience in hair styling or cutting, preferably with formal training or certification, and can bring your own equipment, we encourage you to join our team.

As a volunteer, your responsibilities will include providing basic haircutting and hairstyling services to individuals in our emergency shelters. Essential skills include a willingness to interact with individuals experiencing homelessness, and potentially addressing challenges such as addictions or mental illness. Strong communication skills and a willingness to engage with clients in casual conversation to foster a calm and welcoming atmosphere are essential qualities we seek in hairdressers and barbers.

REES Program Support

The REES program is committed to providing essential resources to individuals in need, offering access to casual labour and guidance from outreach workers to assist clients in applying for rent subsidies, disability claims, income assistance, and various other services. REES also supports client engagement, counselling, and volunteer opportunities.

As a volunteer, your responsibilities will include warmly greeting visitors, handling phone inquiries efficiently, providing information and referrals to clients, assisting with resume creation, offering basic computer support, helping with office tasks, and documenting program activities.

We are seeking outgoing individuals with strong communication skills and basic computer proficiency to join our team.

Organizing Donations

Sandy Merriman House offers emergency shelter to 25 homeless women, including trans women, gender-fluid, and non-binary individuals. Guests receive safe accommodations, meals, laundry, showers, and comprehensive support services including referrals, advocacy, and essential items like menstrual supplies, harm reduction materials, and clothing.

Volunteers accept the donations, move them to storage rooms, and organize them into designated bins or cupboards. Please be aware that this role requires lifting and moving donations down a set of stairs.

Serving Meals

Hillside Terrace, Mount Edwards Court, and Rock Bay Landing are looking for volunteers to assist with meal service and dining room support. Volunteers will help with tasks like preparing meal trays, serving food and drinks, cleaning the dining area before and after meals, washing dishes, assisting residents, and maintaining the beverage station. Your help ensures residents receive meals in a clean and welcoming environment.

Every Step Counts - Walk or Run Leader

Every Step Counts (ESC) is more than a walking and running program; it provides crucial support for individuals facing challenges like poverty, mental health issues, substance use, and housing instability. Through physical activity, nutrition guidance, and teamwork, ESC empowers participants by boosting self-esteem, improving health, and enhancing community engagement. Additionally, ESC addresses the social isolation often experienced by marginalized individuals. 

During ESC sessions, volunteers and staff lead participants in a 50-minute walk or run, followed by stretching and a snack. As an Every Step Counts Volunteer, your role is to connect with participants socially, set the pace for the walk or run, and help them achieve their fitness goals.

Community Kitchen - Volunteer Cook

Join us as a Volunteer Cook at the Community Kitchen and help prepare frozen and ready-to-eat meals for those in need. You'll play a crucial role in meal planning, cooking, and serving 20-40 portions using mostly donated ingredients. With a modest $80 budget for additional ingredients, you'll collaborate with our team for recipe approval and ingredient sourcing. Whether you're preparing one-pot meals, sandwiches, granola, muffins, dumplings, or lentil dhal with rice, your contributions will nourish our community. 

Community Arts - Volunteer Artist

Join our Community Arts program as a Volunteer Artist in our free, drop-in art studio! Be part of our inclusive, fun, and collaborative environment by supporting participants, providing feedback on their projects, and guiding them through learning new skills. You’ll greet artists, assist with setting up supplies and cleanup, and have the opportunity to lead clients through art-making projects.

Herbal Clinic (Pacific Rim College)

Student practitioners from from Pacific Rim College offer free herbal remedies and self-care practices tailored to clients unique needs.  

Downtown Community Centre - Program Support Volunteer


The Downtown Community Centre welcomes all community members to enjoy daily social engagement and recreational activities free of charge. As a Program Support Volunteer, you'll ensure essential supplies such as food, socks, hygiene kits, naloxone kits, dental supplies, and menstrual products are readily available. Your tasks will include maintaining kitchen cleanliness, washing dishes, stocking the coffee bar, assembling safe injection packs, and actively engaging with clients to promote social interaction. Your contribution plays a vital role in enhancing community well-being and fostering a welcoming atmosphere at the center.

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Mission Statement

Working with our partners in the Capital Region, we offer life-changing services to adults who are impacted by poverty, colonization, stigma and homelessness. These services include permanent housing, emergency shelter, health and dental care, employment assistance, and social and recreational opportunities.