ZooCrew Volunteer (Adults & Teens)

ZooCrew volunteer groups will aid in the landscaping needs of Zoo Boise. Groups will select one term to commit to and will help provide landscaping maintenance in a specific section of the zoo each time they come in. 


General Responsibilities:  

  • Commit to 1 hour of volunteering per month for the term of the group’s choosing 
    • Available terms: 
      • Spring- 3 months- March-May 
      • Summer Option 1- 6 months- April-September 
      • Summer Option 2- 6 months- May-October 
      • Fall- 3 months- September-November 
  • Each group member must supply their own pair of gardening gloves. 
  • Assist with landscaping tasks such as weeding, raking, hedge trimming, etc. 
    • Volunteers will not be in close contact with animals and will rarely enter into behind-the-scenes areas with staff supervision 


  • Must be at least 10 years old 
    • Volunteers ages 10-12 must be accompanied by an adult 
  • Submit a Group Volunteer Application at least 6 weeks prior to volunteer project 
  • Groups of 5-10 people 
      • Group leader must consistently come to each shift; other group members can be different each time  
  • Able and willing to work outdoors 
  • Able to take verbal direction well 
  • Arrive excited to be a part of Zoo Boise’s conservation mission 
  • Submit a group waiver prior to volunteering 



  • Receive free entrance to Zoo Boise for the day of the volunteer project 
  • Enjoy a team building activity that benefits the Boise community 
  • Form an ongoing relationship with Zoo Boise 
  • Learn about the Zoo Boise Conservation Fund and its impact on wildlife conservation worldwide