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Nature Engagement (Education) department volunteers work directly with visitors, educating them about Pacific Northwest animals and their habitats using biofacts and “stopper” cart programs. We are looking for volunteers who are (or have the ability to develop skills in being) comfortable talking to the general public about wildlife and wild places, the ability to be professional in all interactions, and have a willingness to learn!

Zoological department volunteers work with the staff to prepare diets and enrichments for the animals at Northwest Trek. We are looking for volunteers who are reliable and can make a weekly commitment, good at following directions, and can work independently.

Horticulture department volunteers work with staff to maintain the lush flora at Northwest Trek. We are looking for volunteers who don’t mind getting their hands dirty, working outside in all weather conditions, and can take direction well.

Maintenance department volunteers work with staff based on project needs.  Volunteers assist maintenance staff with general park maintenance, special construction projects, and picking up orders and materials for projects and maintenance needs. Possible work in and around animal habitats.   

Special Events volunteers work with the public during park-wide special events doing a variety of things from crafting to passing out candy at a Trick or Treat stations. We are looking for volunteers who are reliable, interested in lending a helping hand during busy days in the park, and can take direction well.


To find out more about the duties and what qualifications, knowledge and abilities are needed to be a successful volunteer in any of these departments, go here and then click "Read More".



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Volunteer Opportunities at Northwest Trek

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