Kentucky Steam Heritage Corporation

Come be a part of our team!

No specific skillset is needed, just a willingness to work and get your hands dirty. There are plenty of projects ahead, and once you've signed up, you'll be matched up to projects that match your skills and desires.

Volunteers stand in front of 2716

To volunteer at Kentucky Steam Heritage Corporation, we have a four-step application process. These are all completed electronically and most take about a day to process.

  1. In order to be a qualified volunteer, you must first become a member of our organization. This will ensure that you are covered by our insurance, receive required training for necessary tasks, and qualify you for exclusive perks.
    • If you have already donated in the past through or have an active membership, you already have an account and do not need to register again. Use the password reset button to check and see.

  2. Sign up for a volunteer interview through the web portal.

  3. Once we get your signup, you will be emailed a link for a mandatory volunteer background check. We have negotiated the rate of our background checks to an affordable $39 one-time fee.

  4. While we review all this information, you can familiarize yourself with the MyImpact platform and review the Volunteer Policy. Pass a short quiz and we will provide you with more training and information.

Keep scrolling to see areas of interest that may suit your skillset, and when you're ready to sign up, fill out an application! If you have any questions please contact us.

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Keep us organized!

Work performed within this group relates to a wide range of assignments in the provision of staff support to the internal operations and projects at KSHC.

Related tasks/skills may include:

  • Strong attention to detail
  • Responding to emails/phone calls
  • Keeping member/donation records updated
  • Running reports for board review/public release


Will your talents shock us?

Electrical panel

Operating a machine shop means that we have many opportunities to install, maintain, and repair electrical equipment.

Related tasks/skills may include:

  • Problem-solving 
  • Performing commercial and industrial electrical installation in compliance with applicable codes
  • Coordinating team members


Are you a shutterbug or drone pilot?

A crowd stands taking photos of 2716

We could use your eye to capture moments for KSHC with photographs, videos, and film. Whether it's a big event or a general work session, documenting our process lets supporters far & wide see what we're up to.

Related tasks/skills may include:

  • An artist's understanding of what makes a good video/photo
  • Proficiency with camera equipment
  • Ability to engage interviewees in conversation
  • Photo/video editing


Do you enjoy planning events and generating financial support?

Rendering of Hardy Pavilion

Fundraising is the process of gathering voluntary contributions of money or other resources, by requesting donations from individuals, businesses, and others to help achieve our goals.

Related tasks/skills may include:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Professional attitude
  • Coordinating events on-site in Ravenna
  • Organizing fundraising drives online

General Construction

Do you consider yourself handy?

Our facilities management department helps with the maintenance and sustainability of our buildings and equipment.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Framing
  • Drywall
  • Painting
  • HVAC
  • And more!

Grant Writing/Networking

Can you reach out and build relationships with other organizations?

2716 + Ale8

Take our fundraising to the next level by reaching out to government officials/entities, building a rapport with like-minded organizations, and cultivating relationships in the rail preservation world.

Related tasks/skills may include:

  • Writing grant proposals
  • Soliciting funds/materials
  • Making calls and/or writing letters to spread the word about our efforts

Graphic Design

Can you create stellar graphics for our marketing purposes?

A vinyl decal on the side of 1500

Help KSHC by using design elements to catch people's eye, convey information at-a-glance, and even create merchandise for sale in our online store!

Relevant tasks/skills may include:

  • Proficiency in Photoshop/inDesign/etc
  • A strong creative mindset and attention to detail
  • Designing elements for both print and online use
  • Working with merchandise team to create custom items


Do you have a green thumb?

Volunteers stand in a freshly-planted flowerbed

Come grow with us at KSHC as you help with assisting and caring for our grounds and property!

Relevant skills/tasks may include:

  • Getting your hands dirty in our flowerbeds
  • Knowing what plants grow best in what areas
  • Maintaining bushes and trees
  • Mowing/bush hogging


Help source new products and manage our online store!

Two goofballs showcase some hoodies

Think you can help us come up with new swag?  Do you like interacting with the public in a retail setting?  Then we can certainly use your help with merchandising!

Relevant tasks/skills may include:

  • Sourcing new products from & communicating with vendors
  • Fulfilling customer orders
  • Maintaining the online store
  • Conducting regular inventory checks for accounting purposes


Can you help keep things flowing smoothly?

Fire hydrant outside the machine shop

If you have experience with residential or commercial plumbing, we can use your help!

Relevant tasks/skills may include:

  • Performing commercial and industrial plumbing installation in compliance with applicable codes
  • Connecting/rerouting supply and drainage lines
  • Familiarity with relevant tools and equipment

Rail Operations

Have rail operations experience, or interested in learning?

A conductor does groundwork at KSHC

Our operations department is responsible for the safe movement of railroad equipment around our campus. We adhere to standard railroad class 1 (mainline railroad) operating practices and safety protocol to ensure a safe and educational experience. Prior experience is a definite plus. 192 hours of volunteer time in the shop/performing site maintenance are required to participate in rail operations related activities. Basic vision, hearing, and health conditions must be taken into consideration.

Tasks include:

  • Being responsible for/involved in the safe movement of railroad equipment
  • Successfully passing an operations rules course
  • Radio use
  • Extended periods/entire days spent walking on gravel/ballast 
  • Carrying heavy objects such as knuckles or portable derails 
  • Enjoying working in a team environment


Want to help maintain our equipment?

Our CMO plans the next steps in restoration

Are you skilled with tools and wanting to work on large machinery? This is one of our strictest positions, but one that lets you truly get up close and personal with our consist.

Relevant skills/tasks may include:

  • Working with a variety of power tools and hardware
  • Strong teamwork skills and ability to follow directions
  • A keen awareness of safety needs in a shop environment

Social Media

Can you create engaging posts that will drive traffic to our sites?

In today's world if you're not actively engaging on social media, you're not marketing correctly! Join this team to help create social media posts, advertise events, and more.

Relevant skills/tasks may include:

  • Writing posts that encourage readers to take action
  • Building our following on various platforms
  • Coordinating a posting schedule with various teams
  • Selectively promoting posts to boost views

Team Leadership

Do you have leadership skills and strong attention to detail?

A man with a hard hat looks at 2716

As you can see, there's plenty of work to be done around here and we need competent team leads to make sure it all gets done! 

Relevant tasks/skills may include:

  • Professional communication/management skills
  • Organizing and implementing plans of action for teams
  • Coordinating with other team leads to keep projects flowing smoothly


Are you experienced with welding, torch, or general metal fabrication? 

A volunteer makes a weld inside the firebox of the 2716

There's plenty of metalwork to be done with our shop team. We are also seeking those who wish to become welder's helpers. Learning opportunities will be available in the future.

Relevant tasks/skills include:

  • Grinding
  • Working around heat, sparks, and open flames
  • Thermal cutting (propane, acetylene, and plasma torches)
  • Mig, Tig, SMAW, braze welding of carbon steel, bronze, and stellite 
  • Structural welding (with prior experience)
  • Boiler welding (with prior experience)
  • High pressure piping systems welding
  • General/decorative welding


Admin/Information Technology

Activity Shifts Start End
**REMOTE-FRIENDLY** BetterImpact Donor/Volunteer Management 1


Activity Shifts Start End
Groundskeeping/Building Maintenance 1


Activity Shifts Start End
**REMOTE-FRIENDLY** Grant Writing 1


Activity Shifts Start End
**REMOTE-FRIENDLY** Graphic Design 1


Activity Shifts Start End
**REMOTE-FRIENDLY** Product Research/Ordering 1

Ravenna Railroad Festival

Various work sessions in support of the yearly festival at The Yard. In 2022 the event is taking place on September 10-11th. Please sign up for the activity(ies) that best suit your interest and skillsets. 

Volunteers WILL switch stations throughout the day. Signing up for an activity does not mean you will stay there all day. We will put out a rotation schedule closer to the day of the event that includes breaks to have fun and enjoy the festival. Remember, the following day will be an exclusive members-only event so come on out!

If you cannot commit to the full day, please contact with your availability so that we can ensure scheduling appropriately.

Activity Shifts Start End
Festival Site Prep - 2022 1
Railroad Festival Planning - 2022 1

Mission Statement

The Kentucky Steam Heritage Corporation (KSHC) is a Kentucky based 501 c(3) non-profit organization operating with the intent to educate, entertain and inspire past, current and future generations by operating historic rail equipment. The hallmark of our efforts is the restoration of Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Steam Locomotive 2716 to operation. The restoration and operation of 2716 and other historic pieces will prove to be living history and will serve as an educational tool, enhancing heritage tourism and stimulating economic growth.