Committee Member

  1. General Information:
    1. The PHC has various Committees that have a Board Member as the Leader.
    2. Serving on one or more of these Committees represents an excellent opportunity to learn more about The PHC and, utilize your experience to further the ministry.
    3. These are The PHC Committees:
      1. Finance
      2. Fundraising Advisory
      3. Governance
      4. Nominations
      5. Audit
      6. Client Services
      7. Prayer
      8. Public Relations
      9. Quality Improvement
  1. Typical Duties may include:
    1. Being a Prayer Warrior for everything relating to The PHC’s Mission.
    2. Assisting in the review of The PHC’s Financial Information.
    3. Assisting in developing new programs for The PHC.
    4. Assisting in the effort to partner with community leaders.
    5. Assisting in finding the right people for either Staff or Board positions.
    6. Assisting in reviewing and updating The PHC’s Policy and Procedure manuals.
    7. Assisting in developing or updating The PHC’s Fundraising Plan.
    8. Assisting in reviewing and updating the various Governance documents of The PHC (By-Laws, Operations Manual, etc.)
    9. Reviewing The PHC Specific Committee Charters.
    10. Reviewing Client Satisfaction Forms and suggesting changes.
    11. Note: If you feel that you have experience in any one of these areas, feel free to inquire of the possibility of becoming a member of that committee.