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Updated 04/09/2020

CCI Ottawa has made the decision to resume Volunteer Program activities in an effort to provide necessary support to newcomers during this time.

During our current COVID-19 situation, our first priority remains the safety of everyone at CCI, and in the greater Ottawa community. We will continue to follow the advice of Public Health officials and will not support any face-to-face interactions between staff, volunteers and/or clients.

We recognize this is a time when newcomers may feel isolated and in need of extra support from the community. As a result, we are seeking volunteers to support newcomers in our programs remotely using a variety of methods. Regular and ongoing communication via technology is a positive way for individuals to help newcomers adjust to our current COVID-19 situation.

We also encourage current volunteers to contact their direct supervisors at CCI to discuss opportunities to support CCI programs and services remotely. We will make every effort to keep our valued team of volunteers up to date on any changes to the volunteer programs and services at CCI and will continue to post updates on our CCI Volunteer Page.

Thank you, 

The CCI Team 



Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Catholic Centre for Immigrants (CCI). We are committed to ensuring our volunteers have a rewarding and fulfilling experience helping newcomers integrate in Canadian society. 

If you are:

  • Looking for a long-term volunteer position supporting/mentoring newcomers;
  • Have some free-time and want to share your professional experience/expertise; 
  • Completing your 40-hours of volunteer service to graduate; 
  • Seeking a long or short term placement for your University/College Program; 
  • Hoping to help out 'once in a while' at Special Events;
  • Building your resume and developing your own skills for employment; 
  • Or just want learn more about Volunteering with CCI

We want to hear from you! 

Please visit our website to learn more about some of our amazing programs ( ); and complete an application by following the steps under "I would like to volunteer" on this page (top right).

We look forward to receiving your application and having you join the CCI Team! 

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Volunteer Opportunities

Conversation Circles (Virtual)

Conversation Circle Volunteers support CCI Staff in hosting and facilitating conversations with small groups of newcomers to improve and practice their English/French language skills. Volunteers will host various virtual activities that promote conversation and encourage language skills development for newcomers. 

For more information about the role, please click here.


Matching Program (Virtual)

Matching Program Volunteers provide one-on-one support to help newcomers adjust, integrate and thrive in their new community in Ottawa. Volunteers will help recent refugees and immigrants learn about Canadian culture and traditions; connect with community resources, recreational opportunities and social networks; provide employment support; and, practice English language skills.

For more information about this role, please click here.

Mentorship Program (Virtual)

Mentorship Program Volunteers provide guidance and support to newcomers specifically in the areas of career development and post-secondary education. Volunteers will play a key role in helping newcomers successfully integrate; grow their networks; navigate and increase their understanding of the Canadian context; and, overcome unique challenges they may face in achieving their goals in their new community.

For more information about the role, please click here.


Language Support Services

Language Support Volunteers provide language-based services on an as-needed basis to CCI Staff and clients. This can include assistance with both text-based (helping staff/clients understand written text and documents/paperwork) and oral support using various languages.

For more information about the role, please click here.


She Unit Program (Virtual)

She Unit Volunteers help CCI Staff host a program that focuses on life skills for young women. Volunteers will discuss a number of topics, from hygiene to health care, and explore some of the valuable services that are available across the city to young women.

For more information about the role, please click here.


Social Connections (Virtual)

Social Connections Volunteers assist staff in keeping newcomers engaged and connected with CCI and the local community as a whole, particularly during periods of isolation. Volunteers will connect virtually with newcomers on a weekly basis using various forms of technology, helping prevent isolation and offering information and guidance as needed.

For more information about the role, please click here.

Administrative Support

Administrative Support volunteers provide CCI Staff with clerical assistance, such as filing, answering/making phone calls, data entry and various other administrative tasks. Volunteers may also support our reception desks once the organization has determined it is a safe and necessary role.

For more information about the role, please click here.

Ottawa Karen Youth Centre Volunteers

Ottawa Karen Youth Centre creates a safe space, positive environment, and delivers activities and programs to decrease the isolation of Karen youth in the community and provide a safe space where they can share knowledge, experiences and maintain their culture. (OKYC works closely with and is supported by the Catholic Centre for Immigrants Ottawa).

OKYC Volunteers work directly with Karen youth originally from Myanmar country now in Ottawa. Volunteers support a variety of programs/activities for Karen youth, such as homework support and skills-building workshops, while also emphasizing the importance of developing social identity and maintaining culture.

For more information about the role, please click here.

Youth Programs

CCI's Community Connections Youth Program provides various programs and services to youth, ages 14 to 29. Programs and services aim at promoting positive engagement for smooth community integration. Volunteers should be established community members interested in sharing their knowledge, experiences and network connections in the community with Youth to support successful integration 

We are looking for volunteers: 

  • Comfortable working with newcomer youth ages 14 - 29 years old; 
  • Able to assist in various academic subject areas, including: Math, Science, English and French; 
  • Open-minded, patient and confident working with youth in Grades 9-12 with various levels of understanding of English Language;
  • Fluency in multiple languages is an asset; 
  • Experience tutoring is an asset. 

About Us

Our mission at the Catholic Centre for Immigrants is to:

  • promote and facilitate the reception of newcomers to Canada;
  • sensitize the community to address newcomers’ needs and invite it to respond;
  • assist newcomers in realizing their full potential in Canadian society.


We are guided by the following principles:

  • commitment to social justice in all policies, programs and services
  • provision of assistance to newcomers regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender, age, social and spiritual dimensions of the person
  • use of approaches that are empowering, client-centered, and that address the physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of the person
  • recognition of the central importance of the human resources of the Centre - volunteers, staff and members
  • commitment to provide services in both official languages
  • provision of multilingual services to newcomers
  • commitment to work with related agencies, community organizations, and various faith groups, especially the parishes of the area, and
  • accountability to stakeholders - members, funders, creditors and the community-at-large.


Our services to newcomers include:

  • temporary accommodations and housing assistance
  • orientation, settlement, and integration
  • language and cultural interpretation
  • intercultural counselling, hosting and community support
  • community development, education, and outreach, and
  • employment search.