Race Day- 3. Run - Aid Station- R7, Eely Point Return

To work as a team with the other volunteers in co-ordinating the provision to athletes of nutrition as they pass by the aid station. This can be either liquid (water or electrolyte drink) or food (gels, bars, bananas or other fruit).

Location- Southern Corner, Eely Point Reserve, above the Scout Den

There are various roles associated with an aid station and there also are 2 marshal positions linked with this aid station. Please rotate through volunteers at all positions.

Aid station role includes:

  • Note the athletes' numbers as they pass- this is an important safety procedure as it allows the race management to identify where athletes were last seen.
  • manning the radio
  • preparing drinks and nutrition for athletes
  • handing out drinks and nutrition to athletes as they pass
  • handing out sponges, collecting and re soaking
  • managing spectators and pedestrian access

 Marshal position:

  1. Make sure runners returning to town, go down the track Near Eely Point, at top of track at point where runners drop to lake edge again


On the run leg, walk with the runners with the nutrition, again to make it easier to get without stopping. Call out to the athletes what it is you have eg water, High5 (electrolyte), banana, bar etc. Make sure you are standing in the order of the aid station layout supplied. 

You may talk to the competitors and make sure they're OK, giving them your support, the louder the better(!) gives them a huge boost. However, please note that no outside assistance is allowed so helping an athlete outside of your job description eg helping them mend a puncture, will result in their disqualification.

It is important that you do not obstruct the athletes at any time.