Race Day- 3. Run - Road Marshal- Waimana Place & Fishermans Track

Role: Directing runners at end of lap coming down Waimana Place, to turn left and run back along the track to town

Location:  End of Wiamana Place, at the intersection of Fishermans track. pedestrian access only

Details:  Position yourself on Fisherman Track intersection at the end of Waimana Place. On way out - encourage the runners along Fisherman Track as they continue around the lake / river edge. On the return direct the runners coming from Waimana Place, to turn south (back towards Wanaka) along FIshermans Track.

Your role is help provide safe passage of athlete, pedestrians and road users during the race.

As you will be wearing a hi-vis vest, members of the public will ask you questions regarding the race so please make sure you have the basic timetable of events (included in your pack).

Please also ensure that you are polite and courteous at all times, some motorists can get frustrated by delays, however short.

Please be aware of traffic at all times to ensure your own safety.

 Also, please feel free to cheer on the athletes, shout encouragement ? it gives them a huge boost and they really appreciate it!