Race Day- 3. Run - Aid Station- Water Station, Top of Gunn Road

Location- Top of Gunn Road

Handing water to runners and directing them

To work in conjunction with the other volunteers at this location

Position yourself at the start of the track/path on the grass area - stay away from being on the road as much as possible

Be aware that your position places vehicles exiting the roundabout in the traffic lane, directly behind your back - keep an eye on such vehicle movements - and keep away from the traffic lane

To direct runners as they come up Gunn road onto the track along Aubrey road that starts at the roundabout

To offer runners water if they want it

To ensure that the location stays tidy (ie pick up all cups dropped by runners at place into rubbish bags)


You may talk to the competitors and make sure they're OK, giving them your support, the louder the better(!) gives them a huge boost. However, please note that no outside assistance is allowed so helping an athlete outside of your job description eg helping them mend a puncture, will result in their disqualification.

It is important that you do not obstruct the athletes at any time.