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.Pre Event Roles

Everything in the lead up week to Challenge Wanaka main event

Activity Shifts Start End
Bag Packing Assistant 2 2/15/2022 2/16/2022
Gear Assistant 1 2/19/2022 2/19/2022
Registration Assistant 3 2/16/2022 2/18/2022
Transition Set Up Team 5 2/14/2022 2/18/2022

Race Day- 1. Swim

Are you an early morning person? Keen to see the sunrise over lake Wanaka and the start of the race? We're looking for people in safety kayaks and boats and also on land to help athletes and pedestrians.

Activity Shifts Start End
Jet ski 1 2/19/2022 2/19/2022
Land Marshal 1 2/19/2022 2/19/2022
Safety boat 1 2/19/2022 2/19/2022
Safety Kayaker/SUP 2 2/17/2022 2/19/2022
Spectacle Assistant 1 2/19/2022 2/19/2022
Swim the course - Jet ski 1 2/17/2022 2/17/2022
Swim the course - Safety Boat 1 2/17/2022 2/17/2022

Race Day- 3. Run

Activity Shifts Start End
Aid Station - R1 just out of transition 0 2/19/2022 2/19/2022
Aid Station - R2 Junction 0 2/19/2022 2/19/2022
Aid Station - R3 4WD track crosses running track 1 2/19/2022 2/19/2022
Aid Station - R4 Jack's Spot 0 2/19/2022 2/19/2022
Aid Station - R5 Junction where athletes go down 1 2/19/2022 2/19/2022
Run Marshal - between bike cafe & finish line 1 2/19/2022 2/19/2022

Race Day- 6. Other

All the other roles we need help with

Activity Shifts Start End
Manual Timing- end of Bike 1 2/19/2022 2/19/2022
Manual Timing- end of swim/ start of bike 1 2/19/2022 2/19/2022
Motorbike Marshal 1 2/19/2022 2/19/2022
Tail-end Charlies- bike/ walk 1 2/19/2022 2/19/2022

Secondary Schools

Otago Secondary Schools event will be held on Thursday 18th February

Activity Shifts Start End
Jet ski 1 2/17/2022 2/17/2022
Secondary School Race- Safety Kayaker/SUP 1 2/17/2022 2/17/2022

xxx Post Event Roles

Activity Shifts Start End
Volunteer thank you party assistant 1 2/19/2022 2/19/2022

Mission Statement

Challenge Wanaka- Why we work with volunteers

As a charitable trust, The Challenge Wanaka Sports Trust is dependent on the goodwill, knowledge, skills and valuable time of volunteers.  One of our key objectives, alongside providing sporting events, is to enable social presence by providing a volunteering programme in the community and inspiring people of all ages and abilities to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.  We feel it is an opportunity to open our doors and increase public awareness of our events and allow the public to contribute. 

Through working with volunteers we find we benefit greatly from their inspiring passion and endless multi-tasking abilities and the athletes are able to follow their dreams.  We aim to provide opportunities for people of all ages to become part of a team, learn skills, meet others and gain memorable experiences.  Volunteers are the heart and soul of Challenge Wanaka.