Duties & Responsibilities:
Volunteer Duties:
  • Assists with site maintenance, including (but not limited to) collecting litter, emptying garbage/recycling bins,  and maintaining stock levels in portable washroom areas.
  • Collects compost in designated areas (Beer & Beverage Tent, Volunteer Tent, etc.).
  • Distributes pocket ashtrays during the Parade and/or Festival.
  • Assists festival attendees to properly sort garbage and recycling, in support of the Organization's sustainability initiatives.
  • Assists festival attendees in need, by notifying the proper individuals (Security, First Aid, etc.).
  • Ensures the cleanliness of the festival site before, during and after the festival.
  • Keeps current on Pride Winnipeg environmental sustainability practices and goals 
  • Identifies opportunities for improving sustainability performance, and reports to the Environmental Sustainability Coordinator.
  • Tracks number of bicycles around the festival site at regular intervals.
  • Replaces water jugs at refill stations around the festival site
  • Attends all required volunteer orientation & training.
  • Audits festival garbage and recycling to measure total waste and recycling rate (3-9pm shift on Sunday only) 
Qualifications: Personal:
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work with a diverse range of individuals.
  • Self-motivated, collaborative and innovative.
  • Must be able to work while standing for extended periods of time
  • Knowledge of environmental sustainability issues an asset