Bartenders volunteers will provide beverage service during the Pride Winnipeg Festival.

All persons working in the Bar area must be over the age of 18.

Bartenders are required to produce an "It's Good Business/Serving It Safe" certificate.


Serving Alcoholic Beverages

Ensuring that patrons of the Beer and Beverage Tent have the required identification.

Promoting safe drinking

Ensuring no patron is over served

If you feel that a person has had too much to drink and that you should stop serving them, please find someone in authority to help.

Required to attend one of the three Pride Winnipeg Orientation meetings.

Being comfortable with working in a team.

Be aware of your surroundings. There is a large crowd at the Festival and children may get lost, people may be injured. If you notice any suspicious activity, please notify the appropriate people (Security, First Aid etc.)


Prior bar, serving, or lounge experience.

Prior experience working in a group environment.