Court Ordered

Haven House also has a Court Ordered Community Service program. Please read through our requirements carefully and call or email if you have any questions.

Haven House accepts applications for court ordered Community Service Volunteers with the following guidelines.

Restrictions on Service of Volunteers

  • Only non-violent infractions accepted. (No assault and battery, armed robbery, domestic abuse, larceny, destruction of property, etc.)
  • May not be a sex offender nor have any cases pending.
  • No illegal drug related charges or convictions.
  • No retail fraud charges or convictions.

Application Process

  • Apply online to be a volunteer and answer every question on the application.
  • You will then be contacted to attend an orientation if you are eligible to complete service hours.

Scheduling Hours

  • Shifts are 2 to 4 hours.
  • Dates and times of service must be arranged and approved by the Volunteer Manager


  • You must "decline" scheduled shift/s via your volunteer account
  • The Volunteer Manager must also be called in advance if you will be absent (517) 348-0691. If Volunteer Manager is not in the office, leave a voicemail. Also, contact the office (517) 337-2731 and let a live person know you are not coming in.
  • More than one no call no show could result in termination of the program.
  • You are to clock in and out via the app My Impact. Credit will not be given if you fail to do so. Falsification of hours will result in immediate termination.
  • You are responsible to be on time and complete all assignments. Poor performance may result in your termination.