Shelter & Families Shopper-*role that counts toward hours requirement*

Volunteers shop at a local Meijer store of their choice Monday-Friday, between 10am-12pm or 11am-1pm, for families in shelter. Volunteers will be provided shopping supplies which includes a shopping list and Meijer Food Only Gift Card. Volunteers will pick up supplies before shopping and bring the receipt and gift cards back to Haven House with the groceries. Groceries can be unloaded at our front or back door and staff will put away them away. Please call (517) 337-2731 when you arrive back to the shelter with the groceries.

This opportunity is a way to provide an essential and necessary service to our families!

+Volunteers will utilize the mobile app MyImpact to clock in when they arrive for shopping supplies and clock out after they have unloaded and provided staff with the receipt and gift card.