Corporate Finance - Information Desk Volunteer

Royal British Columbia Museum Volunteer Program Job Description


Information Desk Volunteer


Volunteers will be stationed primarily at the box office information desk booth.


Information Desk volunteers share their knowledge about the museum and the city with visitors.


  • The position requires you to be physically able to move around the lobby and courtyard areas as well as up to the exhibits when you are not at the desk.
  • You will be comfortable using a computer and IPad.


You have excellent people skills, are enthusiastic and outgoing and great museum supporters. You are familiar with the museum and the city and interested in learning more.


A blue shirt uniform with gold name tag will be provided. You should dress in a clean and tidy manner that reflects the museum’s guidelines with your nametag visible.

Training is provided so you are familiar with museum procedures, excellent customer service delivery, and tourist information.

Suitability of assignment is subject to ongoing evaluation.

Time Commitment:

The shift schedule is approximately 3 hours per week plus quarterly meetings.

The shift schedule is to be determined.

Volunteer Sponsor Title(s): Admissions Supervisor, Corporate Finance and Team Lead, Corporate Finance


  • Accountability
  • Community
  • Creativity
  • Diversity
  • Partnership
  • Service