ADHB Starship Information Desk

This volunteer service provides non-medical assistance to patients, parents, other relatives and visitors to the hospital. Their role is to meet and greet patients/families on arrival and to offer assistance to get them to clinics, wards and other facilities as required.  Volunteers on the desk are entitled to give appropriate information to people who are often under stress and need reassurance and helpful assistance.

These volunteers come in for a minimum of two shifts per week, however some volunteers prefer to do several shifts each week and these are welcomed. We ask that the information desk volunteers make a minimum commitment of one year. This is in part due to the role itself, as it may take a while to become familiar with the site and the changes that occur, as we aim to have a strong, committed team.


AM   10.00 - 01.00

PM   01.00 - 04.00

Monday - Friday