Facility Team

The facility team is responsible for opening a site; preparing laptops, monitors, scanners, phones and printers so they can communicate together.   If there is any set up needed of table or chairs, the facility team would assist with this process. 

At the end of the shift, it is the responsibility of the Facility Team to lock all equipment and supplies away prior to locking up.

No tax law is needed for this position but a very short, Volunteer Standards of Conduct quiz is required.

If choosing this position, we encourage you to also sign up for one or more of our other positions.  It's not mandatory, but would give you something to do during the shift instead of leaving and coming back to close.

Sometimes, we have individuals who are willing to work with the Site Coordinator and Partner for just the initial set up in January at the beginning of tax season to make sure everything is operational as far as computers, scanners, etc.  This would also fall under the Facility Team.