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Below you will find a variety of opportunities available to support the important work of Life Transforming Ministries VITA Program. 

We have opportunities for everyone. Experience is not needed.  Training is available for every position, including tax law. 

We have multiple sites all over Chester County and even one in Montgomery County. Volunteers choose daytime, evening and/or Saturday shifts to suit their availability in 3-5 hour increments.

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LTM is in partnership with United Way of Chester County


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General Interests


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Welcoming, extending warm greetings, and treating each person as a distinguished guest stands as the primary requirement for this role!

Our greeters oversee the waiting area with a VIP reception for all taxpayers. They provide taxpayers with necessary forms, and, if available, offer them refreshments and snacks. After the taxpayer completes their intake forms, the greeter introduces them to the next available tax preparer.

This role may be straightforward, but it holds immense value and significance in our pursuit of offering the finest customer service in the community!

No expertise in tax law is necessary, but completion of a brief Volunteer Standards of Conduct quiz is required.

Basic Tax Preparer

Our entry-level tax preparers typically consist of first-year volunteers who may have limited or no prior experience with tax law. We offer comprehensive training in tax law and software utilization. You will have ongoing access to various resources, such as written guides, checklists, and guidance from experienced preparers on-site.

Your responsibilities will involve engaging with taxpayers during intake, ensuring a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that makes each taxpayer feel valued. Basic preparers are responsible for gathering all necessary documentation before the taxpayer departs the site. Subsequently, you will scan the taxpayer's paperwork and input essential information into our software, all with the ultimate aim of delivering exceptional customer service.

When not assisting walk-in clients, you will be involved in preparing basic tax returns and assisting with phone inquiries.

Our annual IRS certification training covers a range of topics, including the operation of our LTM VITA sites, training in Volunteer Standards of Conduct, Intake/Interview procedures, Quality Review standards, and fundamental tax law principles.

Advanced Tax Preparer

Typically, our advanced preparers are individuals who have excelled in basic tax preparation during previous years with us. We will provide comprehensive training in advanced tax law, conducting thorough quality reviews, and proficiently utilizing the software.

Your duties encompass actively participating in the initial interaction with taxpayers, ensuring each one is greeted warmly and made to feel like the center of attention in the room. Beyond the enjoyable interactions with taxpayers, advanced preparers are responsible for verifying that we possess all the necessary documentation to prepare the tax return before the taxpayer departs the site. Subsequently, you will scan the taxpayer's paperwork and input essential information into our software, all in pursuit of delivering exceptional customer service.

During periods when you are not engaged in taxpayer intake, your tasks will involve the preparation of advanced tax returns. Additionally, you will be tasked with reviewing tax returns completed by other tax preparers to guarantee that each taxpayer receives top-notch service and that the tax returns are devoid of errors. Equally important is providing assistance with incoming phone calls to the site.

Our annual IRS certification training encompasses various aspects, including how we operate our LTM VITA sites, training on Volunteer Standards of Conduct, Intake/Interview, Quality Review, and advanced tax law.

Site Coordinator

Site Coordinators are experienced preparers who have previously shadowed and acquired knowledge from another seasoned Site Coordinator.

Site Coordinators assume multiple responsibilities, including initiating the site's opening procedures and monitoring incoming phone messages, promptly returning calls. The primary function of a Site Coordinator is to remain accessible to other volunteers, assisting them with any questions they may have while preparing tax returns. A Site Coordinator has the flexibility to handle both basic and advanced tax returns and conduct quality reviews.

In the event of an unannounced inspection, the Site Coordinator serves as the point of contact, addressing inquiries with the IRS representative.

This particular position ranks highest in terms of responsibilities among volunteers and is consequently a stipend position.

Spanish Interpreter

Our complimentary tax service aims to achieve the highest levels of accuracy and excellence possible. If you are fluent in both Spanish and English, this role is tailor-made for you! Having bilingual interpreters is a superb method to ensure the uniformity and top-notch quality of all the vital work VITA conducts within the community. Since you'll be engaging with taxpayers, a brief volunteer conduct quiz is necessary for individuals in this role.