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When volunteering at the shelter or anywhere around other FFL staff a face mask MUST be worn, no excuses. If you do not have a face mask you will be asked to leave.  We also ask that you are still being cautious about what you are doing outside of the shelter.


Clinic- Please note the clinics are long shifts (7:30am – 5:00pm) and very physically demanding.  You are required to be on your feet and going most of the time and we are currently holding them outside and it is HOT. Please make sure you are physically capable of doing this before you sign up to work a clinic shift. Most clinics are held on the weekend with the occasional weekday clinic.


Positions needed:

Animal Handlers- Getting the animals (cat or dog) from the cars taking them to the correct location and knowing how to properly restrain the animals, in a stress free manner while they receive vaccinations and blood draws. Some of the animals we see at the clinics have never been to any type of a vet before, and this is a new and stressful event for them. This is why we are requiring this position to be BV2 and up.

Check in- Directly interacting with the animal’s owners, collecting their paperwork, ensuring it is properly filled out and directing them on next steps.  Managing the flow of the clinic appointments. 

Food Bank- Collect identification information, number of animals needing food, log the information and distribute the correct amount of food.

Vet Techs- Need volunteers who are trained and skilled at distributing vaccinations and drawing blood.

Set up and Tear down- Set up is from 7-8am, tear down is from 4-5pm


Adoption Counseling- Calling potential adopters who have filled out an application and conducting phone interviews. You must have 20 hours already logged on your volunteer portal in order to qualify to train for this. This way you have been with FFL long enough to get a good idea of what we are looking for. If you have your 20 hours and are interested we can get you trained with our Adoption Manager.



  • If you are interested in getting your behavior journey started while you have some down time at home, I will be making an Online BVI Training video this week that you can watch from home and practice with your animals at home.
    • Looking for a tech savy volunteer good with splicing videos together and would have a quick turnaround time.
  • If you are interested in helping the public with a very common issue that pet owners have Melissa, our Behavior Manager, would love to get you trained to be a part of our Litter Line, who does virtual consultations to help cat owners with their cats who are having litter box issues.
  • Any Facebook savy volunteer interested in helping us get our social learning started on our Behavior Volunteer Facebook page, we need someone to upload our current enrichment/ behavior PDF’s to our Facebook Group so that everyone has access to them at home, and can share them.

Fostering- This process is still the same, if you would like to foster a cat or dog for us, please fill out the foster application at

*Currently the only dog fosters needed are for medium to large behavior dogs*


Social Media-

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  • Help get our name out there and let people know the great work we are still doing, especially with the free Drive-Thru Clinics
  • Start a Fundraiser for FFL
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Mission Statement

Mission Statement 

We save animals’ lives. We find creative ways to do it and are passionate about success at it. Animals are our primary clients and everything we do is based on what is in their best interest individually or as a group.

Our Vision

We envision a community in which no animal will be killed for want of a loving home. Shelters accept their rightful responsibility as guardians and protectors of animals and we, as a society, accept no less from them.

Shelters will lead by example to promote a larger and more compassionate vision of the way companion animals are valued beginning with refusing to kill them.

Citizens and shelters will partner in saving animal lives and work together to ever-expand the network of rescues, fosters, volunteers and donors making life an option for animals.

Shelters will make humane education and seeking homes for animals a priority. It is time to move past the format of simply managing animal populations by killing. From board room to kennel, shelters will live up to their duty to be transformative beacons illuminating a future of kinship with all life.