Junior Enrichment Volunteer


Provide potty breaks and additional enrichment for shelter dogs with greater socialization or exercise needs in order to improve their quality of life and mental wellbeing thereby increasing their adoptability.


  • Follow and execute enrichment plans specifically designed for individual dogs
  • Enrichment may include: going for long walks, spending time exercising in the yard or multipurpose room, practicing basic manners training, puzzle games or treats, quiet one-on-one socialization, short off campus trips to parks, etc.
  • Track progress and changes in dog’s behavior or condition
  • Pick up poop while outdoors and inside kennels as needed
  • Mop kennels and interaction rooms as needed



Preferred- previous experience working with dogs in some capacity outside of pet ownership

Must be 17 years or older to volunteer alone or 15 years with an adult

Must be able to physically manage large/strong dogs that pull, jump up, etc.

Must be able to take direction from staff regarding shelter protocols

Knowledge of and ability to read canine body language

Excellent communication skills


Minimum Time Requirement:

6 month commitment:  Once a week for 2 hours

This role requires a set schedule


Training Requirement:

4-6 hours of shelter animal handling training with staff

2 hour of basic enrichment training

*Optional* One-on-one deep dive training to work on a specific shelter behavior challenge


What To Expect:

A person taking on this role can expect to walk and handle 5 dogs during a 2 hour shift

Junior Enrichment Volunteers should be ready to spend some of their volunteer time outside, regardless of most weather conditions.