Dog Walker


Provide potty breaks and exercise the dogs in the adoption program to meet their basic needs and enhance their quality of life.



Walk dogs or take them out in the yard
Pick up poop while outdoors and inside their kennels as needed

Socialize dogs inside during inclement weather

Mop kennels and interaction rooms as needed



Excellent dog handling skills

Ability to read canine body language

Must be able to bend, squat, and safely handle dogs of varying sizes and strengths

Must be able to take direction from staff regarding shelter protocols


Minimum Time Requirement:

6 month commitment:  Once a week for 2 hours

This role requires a set schedule


Training Requirement:

4-6 hours of hands on training with staff


What To Expect:

The Dog Walker position is a functional role meant to provide outside time and regular potty breaks to the dogs at the shelter. 

A person taking on this role can expect to walk between 8 and 12 dogs during a 2 hour shift depending on the number of dogs in the shelter.

Dog walkers should be ready to spend much of their volunteer time outside, regardless of most weather conditions.  Accommodations are made for extreme weather.


  • This role is not available to those who need to complete required community service hours.  Community service volunteers may opt to stay on after their hours are complete and apply for this role at that time only.