Life Enrichment - Bingo Caller Helper

PurposeProvide weekly assistance for our Bingo games for the residents of Lake Minnetonka Shores.


  • Bingo Caller:
    • Arrive early to:
      • Pick up prize money from receptionist
      • Set-up Bingo equipment
      • Help escort residents to/from Bingo game
      • Help Distribute Cards, Chips and Prizes
      • Select and call numbers and letters in a clear, loud voice
      • Care Center callers:  Please clean and disinfect Bingo equipment before putting it away.
  • Bingo Helper
    • Help escort residents to/from Bingo game
    • Assist Caller in distributing prizes as people win
    • Sit with residents to assist them with the game
    • Those who are hearing/visually impaired need your help.
    • Help Caller clean up and Disinfect Bingo equipment


  • Must be self-directed, energetic and self-motivated
  • Must be committed to attending regularly to help/lead Bingo

 Time Commitment/Hours:

  • Bingo games consist of calling 10 games and 1 coverall
  • Total time is usually 2/hrs.

Benefits to Volunteer:

  • Build relationships with residents, staff and volunteers from the Gables (care center.)
  • Volunteering looks good on college and job applications.
  • Opportunity for learning and having fun.
  • Gives you that "Feel Good" feeling as you help others.

 Reports to:

  • Life Enrichment Team as directed by building area
  • Volunteer Director

 Training and/or Support Provided:

  • Volunteer orientation
  • Training as you go with other volunteers
  • Support by staff members
  • Dementia training (DVD)