Life Enrichment - Pet Visitor


  • To provide the sensory and emotional stimulation, relaxation, and enjoyment of animal companionship.

Benefits to Resident/Presbyterian Homes: 

  • Resident’s life will be enriched by companion animal visits.


  • Sign appropriate form documenting pet’s current immunizations.
  • Be in control of pet at all times.
  • On leash at all times.
  • Report any incident of pet puncture, scratches or bites.
  • Visit residents as indicated on the pet visit lists.
  • Respect and recognize that some residents and others do not wish to have contact with animals.
  • Observe the visiting pet policy guideline.
  • Record each visit in appropriate manner.


  • Caring, cheerful attitude.
  • Ability to converse with a variety of personalities. 

Training and/or Support Provided:

  • Possession of a well controlled, obedient animal of appropriate temperament.
  • Ability to provide positive customer service.

Time Commitment/Hours:

  • Flexible

Benefits to Volunteer:

  • Self fulfullment through helping others.
  • Service learning hours.

Reports to:

  • Life Enrichment Staff
  • Volunteer Director

Training and/or Support Provided:

  • Volunteer orientation