Life Enrichment - Care Center Reader


  • To provide the necessary assistance to a resident who is no longer able to read.

Benefits to Resident/Presbyterian Homes:

  • Resident will be enriched by mental stimulation
  • Resident will be able to keep know what is in their mail and keep up with current events and once again enjoy books and magazines.


  • Read what residents have requested to be read to them
  • Be kind and courteous to residents


  • Ability to read materials requested for reading
  • Ability to project voice to be heard.
  • Be understanding and compassionate towards others
  • Have patience and good disposition
  • Enjoys the elderly

Time Commitment/Hours:

  • One hour per week as scheduled.

Benefits to Volunteer:

  • Self fulfillment through helping others.
  • Opportunity to make new friends
  • Opportunity for career exploration

Reports to:

  • Life Enrichment Director
  • Volunteer Director

Training and/or Support Provided:

  • General volunteer orientation.
  • On the job training